"Lifting the Veil" A mental health and African-American history publication

Back by popular demand . . .
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This popular quarterly publication, produced by the great-granddaughter of Booker T. Washington, is filled
with helpful information on African-American history, mental health, and self-improvement tips. It contains a
wealth of easy to read knowledge on topics intended to educate, inspire, enlighten, and encourage the

In each issue, you will find:

“Off the Couch” – A column that tackles issues commonly left unchecked, that can lead to stress and
anxiety, getting in the way of a quality life.

“SEM Bath” – This column delivers spiritual, emotional, and mental inspiration that can be revisited over
and over, as a mind cleanser.

“Life as we knew it” and “The Life and Times of . . .” Cover history and historians that made a great

If you would like to receive, or give as a gift, an annual subscription to “Lifting the Veil,” please use the contact us page to left us know